Weekend Warrior Program

Do-it-yourselfers with above average ability, who wish to do their own work with the guidance of a licensed contractor, can now have their cake and eat it too.

Enjoy the benefits and advice of a master craftsman to supervise your work and answer questions along the way.  Learn some new skills and become more independent with home improvement projects.  Book us by the day or project.

We can diagnose and advise you on your home project; provide a design, layout, materials list, and suggest a tool list.  We will make sure your jobs are up to code.  We will even go shopping with you and pick up materials with our 14-ft box truck.  You choose the level of involvement from a 15 minute phone call to a long project.

Over the years we have worked alongside very talented homeowners who wanted to do the work themselves, but didn’t have the expertise to finish the job or needed guidance along the way.  Our weekend warriors include: CFO’s, engineers, physicians, attorneys, and the mechanically inclined individuals who enjoy the satisfaction of producing the jobs themselves.  You control the time frame of the job.  Whittle away on weekends or book a block of time.  We help you avoid costly mistakes by recommending the correct materials and proper measurements.


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